Published: 11-02-2020

Olympic values and Youth Olympic Games: a review study of scientific publications

Ana Gabriela Alves Medeiros, Rui Proença Garcia, Doiara Silva dos Santos, Jéssica Aline Silva Valente


About sexual violence in olympic sports: a study from news reports of different sport sites

Ana Paula de Queiroz Bambace, Anna Beatriz Vargas Panfili, Juliana Aparecida de Oliveira Camilo


Olympic education in times of pandemic and distance learning

Sergio Oliveira dos Santos, Natalia Kohatsu Quintilio; Carlos Rey Perez


Brazilian women in Olympic combat sports: a discussion through life stories

Marcelo Alberto de Oliveira, Thabata Castelo Branco Telles, Cristiano Roque Antunes Barreira


The Black Kimono: imaginary of a Brazilian Olympic heroine

Rafael Campos Veloso, Dhenis Rosina, Carlos Rey Perez