Road to Ithaca: An Odyssey towards Tokyo

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Luciane Maria Micheletti Tonon
Katia Rubio


In an analogy between the return to Ithaca of Ulysses reported in Homer's Odyssey and the biographical narrative of the Brazilian paralympic athlete Elisabeth Gomes towards Tokyo, 2020, I trace the trajectory of the two in the moment when they received an emphatic order postponing the reach of their intentions. "Cover your ears" for Ulysses and his sailors not to be enchanted by the singing of the Sirens and "Stay at home" for Elisabeth and the whole world population not to be contaminated with the Corona Virus - COVID-19. Both were “bound” by their own conscience, which struggled incessantly with the fulfillment of the dream of arriving in Ithaca and Tokyo. The common point is that at any time did they regret their own weakness. Elisabeth has Multiple Sclerosis and the postponement of the Games to 2021 may even result in her being prevented from participating in the event. The purpose of the article in the form of an Essay is to emphasize the speech of the two characters in the face of the orders received. The method used is Biographical narratives (RUBIO, 200114, 2016), which has shown effective results in mapping various researches based on the employee's speech, retelling his life story and his significant moments.

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Special issue - Tokyo Olympic Games: postponement or cancellation?


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