Let me win… but if I cannot win, let me be courageous in the attempt’: challenges of Paralympic athletes in Sri Lanka.

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A. A. L. Madhushani
Cora Burnett


Comparing abled-bodied athletes and Olympic sports with disabled athletes and Paralympic sports, the latter are relatively less popular and receive proportionally less funding from formal sport agencies and government sector. The title, analyze in challenges of Paralympic athletes in Sri Lanka, was described specific objective such as to provide a pathway of eliminate or minimize the impact of the given challenges and identify the sporting needs and desires of Paralympic athlete across the area. Disabled athletes who is represented Paralympic were highlighted. The challenges faced by the athletes in study could be categorized as physical, economic and social. According to analyzed results problem with facility and equipment availability. Study was also concerned about the negative attitude displayed towards then as support of sponsorship and public and media. Especially in Sri Lanka there is lack of disabled athletes’ researches. Accordingly, there is a space to be filled up and will be answered by this study. Using the methods of investigative journalism and secondary data analysis were used of this study. As this study is analytical in nature as far as possible an attempt was made to collect secondary data. Previous studies were carried out provide a conceptual background of the study. 

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